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Earth observation is enjoying a rapidly growing field of applications, from crop yield forecasting and land cover detection to urban planning and disaster management. However, with the sheer volume of data being generated, a simple manual analysis is often no longer feasible, giving rise to the need for automatic tools such as AI or, more specificly, Machine Learning (ML).

This is what we are focusing on within the AI4EO Solution Factory. Although there is a wide field of application areas, their underlying technical solutions are often based on similar ideas. We can therefore reuse building blocks and modules from previous solutions within the solution factory enabling rapid prototyping in new application areas.

The AI4EO Solution Factory is funded as part of the ESA InCubed Programme.

News & Media

Yield Consortium: Agriculture and remote sensing from space

The Yield consortium uses satellite data and artificial intelligence to reliably predict agricultural yields. In collaboration with BASF Digital Farming, John Deere, and MunichRe DFKI develops predictive models for selected arable crops in the focus regions of Europe, South and North America. Later models will extend to other relevant crops and growing regions.

About AI satellite collisions and Earth Observation

In an interview with Eliane Eisenring from Trivadis Marlon Nuske provides insights to the AI4EO Solution Factory and other DFKI projects (only in German).

BMBF project FloReST

The project FloReST focuses on measures to increase the resilience of urban infrastructure in case of heavy rainfall and flash flood events. The aim is the development of innovative, technology-based solutions for a load-dependent and -independent evaluation of emergency drainage routes. Overall, a "tool set" of "smart tools" is created, which allows a selection of technically innovative and future-oriented tools to be adapted for locally high-resolution planning and the evaluation of emergency drainage routes. In close consultation with pilot municipalities, trade associations and affected citizens, this opens an intelligent, dialogue-oriented path to the sustainable implementation of measures for flood- and flash flood prevention in urban areas (only in German).

AI4EO - ESA and DFKI launch innovation factory for AI in Earth Observation

ESA InCubed and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) have signed a contract to support a new development initiative focused on Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation (AI4EO). The three-year programme will involve setting up an innovation seedbed where DFKI’s AI experts will collaborate with major industry players on new EO business cases.

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ai4eo Solution Factory


  • Yield Consortium

    Earth Observation for Agriculture

    We use satellite imagery in order to predict agricultural yield reliably and early in the season. This helps to use resources more efficiently and to make informed agronomic decisions.

  • Flood Monitoring

    Heavy rainfall and floodings can have severe impacts both economically as well as by posing a threat to peoples life’s. In 2021 torrential rainfall had devastating effects in Germany leading to an estimated damage of $40 billion.

  • Emissions monitoring

    With the increasing impact of climate change and environmental pollution, a key source of illness in our modern society originates from air pollution. In order to take effective counter measures, it is important to have an accurate and timely prediction of air-quality.

  • Potential Application Areas

    Forestry, Infrastructure Monitoring, Urban Planning - Your project?

ai4eo Solution Factory

Solution Factory Architecture

Developing customized solutions

We are here to tackle your specific business cases and will develop a specialized solution fit to your needs.

Creating synergies from various use cases

Our expertise in related application areas will help to understand your domain and develop a state-of-the-art solution.

Reusing underlying building blocks

The AI4EO Solution Factory is a module repository of many tools for Earth Observation data. Starting from pre-processing pipelines to machine learning tools and visualization techniques we will reuse and adapt these building blocks for your application.

Creating an environment where AI and EO experts can collaborate with domain experts

We are not experts for your domain, but we bring Artificial Intelligence expertise and combine it with the benefits of Earth Observation data. We will therefore collaborate closely with your domain experts by employing the DFKI Transfer Lab mechanism.


The AI4EO Solution Factory is a unique opportunity für our industry partners to expand their competence at the intersection of artificial intelligence and earth observation. Within the solution factory we develop cutting edge solutions for a range of different business cases. Within the current project on agricultural yield prediction, we have established a close collaboration with our industry partners which enables a fruitful environment for innovation.

Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Andreas Dengel



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