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An inter-disciplinary team with a range of different backgrounds helps us to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence for earth observation data.

Human centric AI
Portrait: Dr. Marlon Nuske
Dr. Marlon Nuske

Background: Theoretical Physics, Numerical Simulations

Research Interests:

  • Earth Observation​
  • Hybrid Modelling techniques​
  • Transfer Learning​​
Portrait: Dr. Marcela Charfuelan
Dr. Marcela Charfuelan

Background: Signal Processing, Large Scale Data Analytics​

Research Interests:

  • Earth Observation​
  • ML modelling and analytics​
  • Time series processing and analysis​
Portrait: Dr. Michaela Vollmer
Dr. Michaela Vollmer

Background: Applied Mathematics, Modelling of Infectious Diseases​

Research Interests:

  • Earth Observation​
  • Machine learning Applications​
  • Hybrid Modelling​​​
Portrait: Dr. Diego Arenas
Diego Arenas​

Background: Computer Science, Data Science​

Research Interests:

  • Earth Observation​
  • AI for Common Good​​
  • Fairness & Interpretable ML​
Portrait: Deepak Pathak​
Deepak Pathak​

Background: Cognitive Science, Application Developer​​

Research Interests:

  • Unsupervised Representation​ Learning​
  • Transfer Learning​​
Portrait: Cristhian Sanchez​
Cristhian Sanchez​

Background: Geospatial Analysis, Remote Sensing​​

Research Interests:

  • Remote Sensing​​
  • AI
Portrait: Miro Miranda Lorenz​
Miro Miranda Lorenz​​

Background: Agricultural Sciences, Scientific Computing​

Research Interests:

  • Hybrid Modeling​​​
  • Transfer Learning​
Portrait: Francisco Mena​
Francisco Mena​

Background: Informatics Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Astroinformatics​

Research Interests:

  • Multi view Learning​
  • Representation Learning​​
  • Variational Inference​​​
Portrait: Hiba Najjar​
Hiba Najjar​

Background: Applied Mathematics, Data Science​

Research Interests:

  • Earth Observation​
  • Explainable AI (XAI)​
Portrait: Marco Stricker​
Marco Stricker​

Background: Computer Science, Deep Learning​​

Research Interests:

  • Remote Sensing​
  • Using Limited Amount of Labelled Data
Portrait: Dinesh Krishna Natarajan​
Dinesh Krishna Natarajan​​

Background: Scientific Computing, Applied Mechanics​

Research Interests:

  • Physics-informed Machine Learning​​
  • Hybrid Modeling​
Portrait: Jayanth Siddamsetty​
Jayanth Siddamsetty​

Background: Intelligent Systems, Software Development​

Research Interests:

  • Domain Adaptation​​
  • AI for Earth Observation​
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